Welcoming theCorgi Puppy to the family

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Step1 ☛ 尋找與預約心儀的小寶貝

Search and Reserve

Looking for a Corgi puppy

Check out our puppy selection page!
Our carefully nurtured little Corgis are sure to help you find the perfect dog. If you haven't found the puppy you want yet, don't worry, just fill out our puppy waiting form and let us know your needs. Our Corgi experts will contact you proactively to help you find the perfect companion!

Reserve a Corgi puppy

After you have chosen your beloved puppy, you can reserve it on our website's puppy page. Please leave your contact information and other necessary details, and we will contact you to confirm the payment and method, and sign the contract.
We offer a variety of secure payment options for you to make a deposit or pay the full amount.

Waiting for the Corgi puppy to come home

Next, you just need to be patient until your Corgi puppy is old enough to leave. During this time, you can start preparing for the arrival of the new puppy. We will provide a Corgi puppy care handbook to assist you in taking care of the puppy.

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Step2 ☛ 文件辦理與資訊更新

Document and information update

Document preparation

(1) After you complete the reservation and receive our confirmation of contact, we will sign a puppy purchase contract with you to ensure the rights and obligations of both parties.
(2) We will arrange an FCI international pedigree certificate for your puppy, ensuring the pure bloodline of the puppy you purchase and our commitment to you.

Puppy information update

After the contract is signed and payment is completed, it may take a few weeks before we deliver the puppy to your home. During this period, we will regularly provide updates (photos or videos) of your puppy, allowing you to look forward with peace of mind to the arrival of the new little life.

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Step3 ☛ 安心送達,開啟親子新生活

Delivery & Arrival

Puppy shipping options

(1) Domestic shipping: To ensure the safety of the puppy, we do not entrust third-party logistics providers to transport your puppy. You can choose to have us deliver it to your home (shipping cost not included) or you can come to the store to take your beloved pet home personally.
(2) International shipping: We will book a viable flight for your puppy and prepare the necessary import documents. For details on the shipping options, please contact us.

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Plus ☛ 幼犬生活完美啟動包(加購)

Corgi Puppy Starter Pack(Buy extra; Taiwan only)
The puppy starter pack has prepared all the basic items you need to welcome your little treasure home ☟
  1. 1. 1* Puppytie Adjustable Collar
  2. 2. 1* Puppytie Adjustable Collar
  3. 3. 1* Ceramic Pet Food Bowl & Solid Wood Stand
  4. 4. 1* Ceramic Pet Water Bowl & Solid Wood Stand
  5. 5. 1* KONG Teeth Chewing Training Toy
  6. 6. 1* FURminator Small Pet Comb
  7. 7. 2* KOJIMA Pet-Specific Wet Wipes
  8. 8. 1* Thickened Puppy Training Pee Pad
  9. 9. 1* 3-Hole Stainless Steel Professional Nail Clippers
  10. 10. 1* 100ml Puppy-Specific Shampoo (Salon Grade)
    10 essential puppy supplies, special price NT$3,000

– Domestic Shipping Only –

If the supplier is out of stock or discontinues production, we reserve the right to replace it with a different brand of product with the same function and quality.